MB STAR compact C4 подходит ко всем компьютерам

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MB Star Compact 4 последнее обновление профессионального диагностического оборудования для Mercedes Benz авто изготовленных после 2000.года Значительная разница с Comcact 3 в форме и меньшем размере ,легче чем Compact 3. C4 2008 может работать как Compact3 и делает замену Compact3-Star.



 MB STAR compact C4 для всех компьютеров


MB Star Compact-4 is the lately updated professional diagnostic equipment for Mercedes Benz cars manufactured after year 2000.It is much difference in the shape from Compact3 and smaller in size ,lighter in weight than Compact3.C4 2009 can do all the works what Compact3 does and it is the replacement of Compact3-Star.
C4 operates based on the Windows XP system, it includes workshops information system(WIS system), the movement management system and the automatically diagnose system(the DAS system) .C4 2008 STAR works with original computer (COMPACT3) via both of RS232 and 485 protocol.Power can be supplied to original computer (COMPACT3) via the cables.Compact3 star can diagnose varied cars, trucks, buses of Mercedes Benz making.

MB STAR C4 Version: March,2011


  • MB Star C4 has rs232/485 interface, which can connect with touch screen and also common screen.
  • MB Star C4 can work in the voltage of 12V/24V.
  • MB Star C4 can supply power to the computer by Power Cable.


  • 1pc x C4 Multiplexer
  • 1pc x 14 pin Connector
  • 1pc x 16 Pin Connector
  • 1pc x OBD2 Cable
  • 1pc x 4 Pin Cable
  • 1pc x 14 Pin Cable
  • 1pc x Communication Cable
  • 1pc x 38 Pin Cable
  • 1pc x HDD

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